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The Pursuit of the Hunt

There is something incredibly frightening and calming during a hunt. Hunting is a sport of complete non-expectation. It’s actually a place where the outcome is 100% out of your control.
There is a joy in this, deep down, that forces us to unplug and rely on our surroundings to increase our odds. The wind, sun, time of year, and knowledge of our prey play into the strategy we use to make our move. The satisfaction of the end result of obtaining our prey is nothing but a true sense of joy and blessing. The planning, pursuit, and execution are all factors that play into success. But at the end of the day, it is the unknown, that “around the next bend” curiosity that drives us to continue on, is what makes this sport a true sport. There is no cheating or easy way to get it done. It is our human nature in its purest form. Man vs Beast.