Who We Are and Where We Are Headed

Mike Friesen

  • Pro Staff – Kill’n Stix
  • Team Black Widow Innovations
  • First Lite Research and Design Pro Program
  • Tournament Director with New Totem Archery Club
  • Founder Pursue the Hunt
  • Avid Outdoorsman and Big Game Hunter


First and foremost I am a proud father of 4 wonderful children and happily married to my sweetheart for 12 years!

I have been in the hunting industry for about 12 years now and had the opportunity to be a part of some epic hunts and some epic failures.  Both presented a great learning environment to be able to go back on and be successful.  I want to be able to share my love for the hunt in all of its details.  From packing for the trip to packing out the animal, it all tells a story.  I enjoy blogging and vlogging my experience and opinions on the gear I use as well as my knowledge of success while hunting.  A huge part of my hunting experiences, as of late, have been sharing my experience with my family as my daughters are now old enough to accompany me on more local hunts.  Our family is a part of the the local archery club and enjoy the recreational activity and community it brings.  I look forward to continuing to sharing my hunting experiences!

Travis Johannesson

  • Co-Founder Pursue the Hunt
  • Avid Outdoorsman and Big Game Hunter
  • First Lite Research and Design Pro Program

Travis shares a similar hunting philosophy as Mike, with his main vision of keeping the hunting heritage alive for future generations. Travis also has a young family with 2 sons, and his lovely wife Jenna.Travis wants to express his passion for the outdoors to encourage other to get outdoors and experience adventures for themselves and truly understand how awesome God’s creation is for us to fully enjoy.Travis lives in the Kamloops area and brings a fresh and exciting opportunity for Pursue the Hunt to bring hunts from two different hunting environments. Travis cannot wait to get out there every opportunity during the season to pursue big game in hopes of getting that next B&C animal!