Season 1 Recap and Season 2 Outlook on Sportsman Channel

Mike introduces his co-host Jeremy Braun and new crew member and co-host Robin Routledge to the show! They chat about how season 1 filming went for the Sportsman Channel Canada as well as their line up and outlook for season 2! And of course a few great stories!

Backcountry Hunting: The Mountain Goat

This hunt was a year in the making.  The time, effort, cost, scouting, and follow through made this the toughest and most rewarding hunts I have had the pleasure on being on.   The Prep Preparation for this hunt began Nov of 2018 when myself and two brothers in law decided we should try and do […]

How Do You Pack for a 7 Day Backcountry Hunt?

Where Do I Start? Check out my latest video on how I pack for my mountain hunts! The real question is,  WHAT AM I WILLING TO LEAVE BEHIND? There are two things that I have found to not compromise on; food, and sleeping equipment.   Comfort and nutrition will drastically improve your mood and motivation when […]

The Daunting Task of Choosing the Right Arrows

There is an overwhelming variety of arrows out on the market today.  But what’s best for you and your set up?  Do you want more speed or more stability? What’s the proper arrow spine? 3 or 4 arrow fletching?  All these questions, and each answer can change everything.  We are going to specifically look at […]

Bowhunting: Tagging Out for the First Time

Without learning from failure, success isn’t nearly as rewarding. Last Year: 2016 Rewind to September 2016.  First year bow hunter, confident, plenty of arrows down range; I was “ready”.  In BC we have the privilege of an all September archery season for mule deer.  I have spent a decent amount of time collecting permission over […]

Hunting Season on the Horizon

Preparing for a mountain hunting excursion can be a daunting task; especially if you have never been on one yourself.  There are many aspects of preparation that work into a successful hunting trip.  Let’s have a look into what is needed in order to have an enjoyable and successful backcountry hunting adventure! Where are You […]

5 Important Things for Setting Up a Trail Camera

There a few things that should be considered in placing and setting up a trail camera to get the best quality.  Trail cameras are a great tool to have in order to monitor game coming in and out of a particular area, gauging movement patterns, and just plain old fun.  Here are 5 things to […]

Finding the Podium in 3D Outdoor Archery

3D archery is one of the funnest shoots to be a part of as an archer.  There are many types of different scoring, rules, and divisions in 3D tournaments, all of which can make big differences in how you score and ultimately where you will place.  After some hard work, lots of arrows, and maybe […]

Top 6 Binocular Brands: Who’s the Best? And Why?

Enter the ever competitive world of optics.  With optics, namely binoculars, the most versatile and important piece of hunting equipment, optic companies dive into research, field testing, and marketing to develop what they feel is the best of the best.  This article compares the 6 top optics makers in the business and how a mid […]

So You Want to be a Hunter? How to Choose the Gear for You!

You might be someone that watches a YouTube hunting video and thinks “I can do that” or you may have friends involved in the sport of hunting and want to join in!  Either or, you’re going to need gear and there’s so much out there to choose from! So, where do you start? *Note: my […]