Grocery Shopping the Hard Way

How much effort do you put into your grocery shopping?  Do you know how your food is processed? Do you prefer the ‘the less I know the better’ when it comes to how your food was packaged? People who don’t hunt also don’t understand the effort that goes into processing your own food and how […]

Hunting Season on the Horizon

Preparing for a mountain hunting excursion can be a daunting task; especially if you have never been on one yourself.  There are many aspects of preparation that work into a successful hunting trip.  Let’s have a look into what is needed in order to have an enjoyable and successful backcountry hunting adventure! Where are You […]

Where it all Started for Me; the Pursuit of the Hunt

Elk hunting is one of the greatest hunting adventures one can experience of all time.  The elk rut is like no other; with it’s excitement and adrenaline fueled ragging bulls fighting and going haywire for a cow in heat.  I want to share with you my first elk hunting experience, where the outcome would be […]

Pursuit of the First Hunt

It was a dark, cold November morning, but a special morning.  Plans were in place to take my daughter, Isla who is 6 years old, on her first deer hunting excursion.  Now to be fair this was not her first official hunting outing.  She had been out on a number of weekend long elk hunting […]

So You Want to be a Hunter? How to Choose the Gear for You!

You might be someone that watches a YouTube hunting video and thinks “I can do that” or you may have friends involved in the sport of hunting and want to join in!  Either or, you’re going to need gear and there’s so much out there to choose from! So, where do you start? *Note: my […]

The Act of Hunting

The act of hunting has been given many bad reps over the years.  Truth be told, it’s usually told by people have absolutely no experience of hunting or never learned to appreciate it for what it is.  Hunting is a tradition of food gathering that has been on going since the beginning of time, when […]