Ep 5: Women in Hunting Series Part 1 – Lana Hamilton and Caitlyn Bellamy

Pursue the Hunt in launching a series focused on women and hunting. This has been a growing topic in the hunting industry. Mike interviews Lana Hamilton and Caitlyn Bellamy, both local to the Peace River Region. Lana, while experienced in hunting now, wasn’t the case early on prior to meeting her husband and Caitlyn only […]

Ep 4: Hunting New Zealand to Africa: Jordan Walsh with The Riflemen

Host Mike Friesen chats with Jordan Walsh, host of The Riflemen about this recent trips to New Zealand for stag and tahr and Africa for dangerous cats and plains game. Jordan lays out the challenges of tahr hunting in the mountains of New Zealand and the excitement of tracking lions. Lion hunting is often a […]

Ep 3: Hunting with Your Pastor

Mike and Tony are talking about their previous mountain goat and stone sheep hunt together and also about Tony’s new book launch “Boondock Church”. Their trip was full of excitement and challenges and maybe some reasons why you shouldn’t follow your pastor into a treacherous rock canyon with waterfalls!

Backcountry Hunting: The Mountain Goat

This hunt was a year in the making.  The time, effort, cost, scouting, and follow through made this the toughest and most rewarding hunts I have had the pleasure on being on.   The Prep Preparation for this hunt began Nov of 2018 when myself and two brothers in law decided we should try and do […]

How Do You Pack for a 7 Day Backcountry Hunt?

Where Do I Start? Check out my latest video on how I pack for my mountain hunts! The real question is,  WHAT AM I WILLING TO LEAVE BEHIND? There are two things that I have found to not compromise on; food, and sleeping equipment.   Comfort and nutrition will drastically improve your mood and motivation when […]

Ins and Outs of Successful Scouting

Almost all of us have discovered along the way the “dos” and “don’ts” of scouting for hunting season.  I consider the scouting game as its own little mission:impossible.  I’ve always found scouting to be the most important part of the hunt. My preference is to put maximal effort into my scouting, so when hunting season […]

Mountain Goat Hunt 2017

They saw a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’m sure a video is worth a million? Enjoy! Pursue the Hunt – BC Mtn Goat Hunt 2017