PTH Custom Knife Set


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ALL KNIVES ARE MANUFACTURED AT THE TIME OF ORDER.  The PTH Custom Knife set is the amazing combination of the skinner and caper custom knives!  You will never need another set of hunting or outdoor knives!  This set is a combination of time efficiency mixed with precision sharpness.  Not needing to sharpen these knives between multiple animals gives you the confidence your knife will be ready when you are.  The perfect weight balance allows for optimal maneuverability and scales that have minimal slip when wet, allows for safer handling situations.  With a lifetime warranty, lifetime sharpening and matching full leather sheaths, there’s not reason to shop anywhere else!

Skinner Knife Length: 7.75in, Blade: 3.5in

Caper Knife Length: 6.375in, Blade: 2.5in

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Walnut, Orange Micarta, Grained Micarta with Green Stripping


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