S2E6 – Off Season Injuries, High Fence Hunting, and Banning Trail Cameras

Mike, Jeremy and Muc talk about their recovery on some off season injuries and how many hunters “operate injured” much of the season and how that can be avoided. The discussion carries into some hot topics around high fence hunting, banning trail cameras, and even the new trespassing law passed in Saskatchewan this year.

Bowhunting: Tagging Out for the First Time

Without learning from failure, success isn’t nearly as rewarding. Last Year: 2016 Rewind to September 2016.  First year bow hunter, confident, plenty of arrows down range; I was “ready”.  In BC we have the privilege of an all September archery season for mule deer.  I have spent a decent amount of time collecting permission over […]

The Act of Hunting

The act of hunting has been given many bad reps over the years. ┬áTruth be told, it’s usually told by people have absolutely no experience of hunting or never learned to appreciate it for what it is. ┬áHunting is a tradition of food gathering that has been on going since the beginning of time, when […]